About BSuccess

People Organizations Career, Ltd. provide consulting services to organizations, HR professionals and private clients undergoing career transitions. We believe in practical and goal-oriented processes that lead people and organizations to maximize human potential while achieving personal and business goals. Our best practices combine an understanding of human behavior with expertise in providing consultation, along with extensive organizational experience.

Emi Scliar, Founder and CEO: "With 30 years of experience in managing HR departments in organizations at different stages of growth, and as an organizational consultant to numerous corporations, HR professionals and employees experiencing career transitions, I recognized the need to provide solutions for all issues and services under one roof, which is the vision of BSuccess.

Over the years I've worked with skilled and experienced independent consultants who share my belief in the winning combination of professional consultation and practical support, along with personal empathy and humanity. Most of these consultants have played significant organizational roles in addition to providing consulting services, coaching and training.  Fortunately, these professionals have expressed a desire to work with BSuccess and now form part our full-service organization."

Our range of services:

Career Transition Services:

For Organizations

  • Outplacement services for employees who are no longer employed
  • Support for retirees, both voluntary and those who reach the age of retirement

For Individuals

  • Career consulting to private clients undergoing one or more of a variety of career transitions
  • Workshops in the areas of career transitions, job search techniques, pre-retirement planning, and related topics

Consulting in the field of Human Resources:

  • Human Resources consulting for small companies, start-ups and businesses in the early stages of incorporation and lacking an HR function
  • Human Resource consulting to boards of directors, incubators and foundations
  • Advising managers on organizational processes such as employee evaluations, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, downsizing, etc.
  • Workshops dedicated to Human Resource staff on strategy and work processes
  • Mentoring processes for Human Resources using a variety of approaches including phone support, regular sessions and ad hoc meetings

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